My DIY yellow chakra support blouse

…and it works – two of my men helped me taking pictures making it so much funny and enjoyable for me 🙂

The craziest piece of this outfit are the trousers – made of IKEA fabric – costs: 6€ !!! Maybe you already know this fabric from your curtains or your cushions – I sewed a short of it 😉IMG_0318IMG_0294
I rather bought this fabric already last year waiting for a pattern to appear which I could apply accordingly. I found one just a short time ago surprisingly in a BURDA style magazine No. 06/2011, pattern No. 111. Hurray!


Now knowing my yellow chakra needing some support – grace to my daughter – thank you for the inspiration XO! – I recently bought this gorgeous silk in a seventy’s shade of yellow at Schumacher’s friend’s boutique. I immediately remembered that IKEA fabric assuming a short made of this fabric combined with a blouse of that Schumacher fabric would definitely look fantastic together – while excellently supporting my yellow chakra…!
I love this style and indeed it gives me a different and better feeling compared to any other styles I normally wear 🙂IMG_0298
So I decided this would be the best day to even invest my last drops of my favorite parfume: untitled by Maison Martin Margiela – I adore it~~~~~

My lovely Joop heels – at least 5 years old – finally can be applied today as well – little gold accessories and that’s it.

Today I am wearing my beloved delicate necklace my father gave to my mother at least 35 years ago. This is to remember him – he deceased more than three years ago – was my best friend and I miss him so much. He would so much like my positive outfit today…


Please find in my tutorials the description how you can prepare this pattern and sew a similar blouse as well. Here you are some more details and impressions to succeed with doing it yourself. Good luck – I am looking forward to your results – please show!



Costs for material for the blouse: about 25€
Time for its sewings: about 3-4h