My DIY Malene Birger Inspiration


Has anybody watched this absolutely funny and crazy movie “American Hustle” with the amazing Amy Adams. She looked so incredibly sexy with all these extremely deep v-neck dresses and sweater she wore in that movie – even me as a woman – I could almost not concentrate on the story line. Just had to watch her plunging neckline …
A short time later I found a gorgeous dress by Malene Birger while surfing through the internet and looking for such amazing dresses (unfortunately I cannot find the picture of the original dress in the internet anymore – sorry, but here you are a very similar one by her to get an impression).IMG_0489IMG_0506
Remembering this beautiful silk that I purchased at Schumacher‘s friend’s boutique in Mannheim still keeping in my chest I sewed this dress myself. That was the first time I tried to imitate a dress as closed to the original as possible just by intensively studying the picture. I really tried to get every single detail and copied it as exactly as I could. Indeed I am so proud of the result – the only mistake I did was not to sew pockets in the dress – maybe I will revise this later.

To switch the look a bit more to Malene Birger’s style I additionally sewed this oversize coat according to a pattern of Burda 10/2013 pattern No.103 (if you want to sew it as well please reduce the seam allowance a bit otherwise it will become too large – double-check the measurements of your paper version first)IMG_0562 IMG_0561. I was keeping the fabric since months or even years not knowing what to sew of it. Combined with this dress it looks rather perfect in my opinion 🙂IMG_0465

Just completing with my snake sandal heels of Biviel – I guess they’re at least 4 to 5 years old… – and my beloved Daligramme bag by Lancel, gold accessories, my grey DvF sunglasses and ready!IMG_0549