DIY – sometimes can really be very hard – wrap dress


This was definitely hard work to revise this dress making it wearable and good looking…

Yesterday I sewed it – according to a DvF dress of my friend – thanks a lot for borrow yours – but needed to interrupt my work when visiting a friend to have some coffee and talk and talk and so on 🙂

IMG_0106Though it was not perfect I already wore the dress just to check what had to be revised afterwards. In the evening I almost had the feeling to throw it away because the front part didn’t fit at all. It was much too loose and everybody could see my bra – even though I recently bought one especially made for such cloths with very deep décolleté. Anyhow the problem was the fitting of my dress.IMG_0137
So this morning I needed to detach the ties, detach the small ribbons at the edges of the v-neck and remaster it by stretching it while attaching at the front. Then attach the ties again, move the slit to threat the tie a bit downwards, sew button wholes at both front parts and attach buttons and stitch two small press buttons at the point where both front parts meet in front of the breast – done -PUH!
This gorgeous fabric of stretch silk (bought at fabrichome) normally does not work for a dress like this. Even though it is elastic it is very different from a jersey for example – this would have been a better choice…IMG_0098

IMG_0140But now I really like the dress especially the colors and the design- now I feel secure while wearing it knowing that the décolleté cannot move anymore but rather everything stays on place 🙂


To do list of this morning:
Sport – Zuzka light Kettle bell series workout No.3 – done!
Dress – revise to a lovable and wearable result – done!
Pictures – take and prepare – done!
Post publish – done!

So now it is really time to have breakfast –
Have a nice and sunny day! See you tomorrow – XOIMAG0803IMAG0802


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    1. – so true… Now I know why her dresses are so expensive 😉

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