Perfect DIY dress for lovely summer evenings


This is the second time I wear my DIY blue waves dress and I must say I love it so much. I love the shape, the feeling of the fabric on my skin and most of all the colors. In my opinion it seems to be especially made for summer evenings!IMG_1252IMG_1241

IMG_1237It was definitely worth spending the time to sew it properly and to correct the few mistakes I did while sewing e.g. to detach the pockets – okay, I was looking for them several times when wearing it but anyhow. The shape looks much better without.
To give you an idea – I can imagine the dress looking gorgeous in black as well. For example in black jersey with black chiffon details – I am sure this could be very beautiful…Similar to the original one by Malene Birger where I got my inspiration from.

But actually I am on a color trip…and this is why I took my new light blue heels by Paco Gil (here in rosé) and my new bag by Project OONA (I simply detached this curious straps – I didn’t understand what they were good for…??) which I both bought for my orange light blue project being proceeded next week…
Blue Sunglasses DvF again (nice blue ones by Oscar de la Renta)

Have a nice and sunny Sunday,
love XO

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  1. You make me crazy!! The Dress, the Shoes, the Bag everything is gorgeous…..I wanted all….I need more Money……..;)

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