Orange light blue project part 2 – DIY dress

You wouldn’t believe how much doubts I had in advance and even during the process of sewing whether this look would match…??
Right before starting the cutting I changed the pattern from a self made one according to a shirt of my own to this ready to use one by Burda (by the way this one was also applied for the royal blue lace dress). IMAG0830During the sewing I still was not convinced by the result whether it’s okay or not – ?IMG_0240IMG_0228

I am even more lucky now the look being almost exactly like I wanted it to be.
I did not find another fabric in this tone of orange hence I needed to take jersey. But I wasn’t sure about the style and whether the material would be compatible to such a dress. Also the fabric for the shorts was not like I planned in advance – I normally would have chosen the same material for dress and shorts. But I didn’t want to sew the shorts of jersey, but the light blue fabric was not available in orange as well … and so on. You see it was not so easy and I needed to do a lot of compromises – to be honest this was the reason why I postponed the project on and on…IMG_0219

Now it looks so amazing and am very proud of it indeed!IMG_0217

My new shoes and handbag match perfect – please double-check the according links here.

Now I am really happy and looking so much forward to sew the next whatever 😉

Fabrics bought at Anita Pavani the orange one, unfortunately the light blue one is no more available
Costs: Shorts: about 25€, Dress: about 40€
Time: Shorts: about 3hours, Dress: about 4,5hours – incl. cutting

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