DIY summer sky play suit

IMG_0401(Have you ever watched the sky in summer evenings when the light is fading and the sun lights up the clouds in bright orange and coral shades…?)IMG_0388

Opposite to what I made you believe yesterday I rather sewed this cute play suit in light blue linen – it’s the fabric I bought at the Dutch fabrics market last Saturday.IMG_0362

I decided that it would be even more comfortable to sit in my sewing room in the cool basement than to burn in the sun at the public pool….

IMG_0372For the upper part I took the pattern of my rosewood silk dress which is prepared by simple blouse but with prolonged shoulders. And for the downer part I took the pattern of the IKEA fabric shorts but adjusted the center and width according the upper part – I will show you next week in my next tutorial.IMG_0413

Last time when I sewed the silk dress it was incredibly much work to finish it and I thought it was due to the slippery material. But this time with linen it was the same – it took me more than 10 hours to prepare the pattern and do the sewings. Additionally I needed to spend a lot of concentration to switch the pattern of a dress to the try to make a play suit.IMG_0410

My beloved Daligramme bag by Lanvin and my heels by Joop (these ones would also match) can be perfectly applied to complete the look needing a bit more accessoires to not appear as if one wears a sleeping suit. So I grabbed my shiny sunglasses by Blumarine (different but cute ones here) – and ready:-)