News from DIY rosewood silk dress

TitelLast week when I showed you the DIY summer sky play suit I promised you to show and explain to you how it is done. But if you want to take the upper part of the rosewood silk dress like I did you will first need to prepare this pattern. So please have a detailed look at this dress first. (Press arrows to slide)

I really love it so much as it is so easygoing and uncomplicated to wear. The tender silk fabric feels amazingly on the skin. For summer time it is perfect just as it is and on chillier days it looks great as long blouse layering over skinny trousers for example.

It is a modified classic blouse pattern with lengthened shoulders and in total. This special fall of the fabric results from the twist of the direction of the fibers to a diagonal way. So if you want to sew it be sure to have enough fabric for the cutting.

Don’t pretend regarding how much work this will be. It looks much easier than it is – I promise you….

If you don’t know how to do this particular pockets on its back – just change it to ordinary ones.
Though I will show you how to sew this style of pockets in the summer vacations when I will focus on some tutorial for such particular details.