Summer sky play suit meets mud


If you ask me… Invest in an innocent and sexy piece in light blue! It is so versatile – I am really excited about.IMG_1002

If you are able to sew you could sew such a play suit (tutorial here) or its grand sister, rosewood silk dress (tutorial here) – being a bit more feminine but rather less cool and sexy… 😉IMG_0988

These light blue pieces can be combined with orange, of course, pink – if you are no orange type, with this mud or khaki  tone of today and with many other colors as well. Just keep an eye on the particular shade. There are shades of lilac light blue, slightly green ones and dusty light blue ones as well. Chose the one that matches your skin tone at its best so that you always will be “supported” by the color and look just amazing.IMG_1011

My oversize sweater is by Ichi bought last summer in Hyères – love it so much 🙂 (different but nice one)
My heels are the same of several times before – just compare here.
My olive green bag is by Bogner – similar one here.

Let’s play 🙂IMG_1016


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