DIY – Flowered military green play suit

On Saturday when I was out with my husband I met a young woman wearing a very cute and amazing play suit – I almost asked her whether I could take a picture of her for my inspiration folder… but wasn’t encouraged enough…IMG_1187

Though her play suit cruised in my mind and finally led me to my last sewing session yesterday.

It was quite exciting because I wasn’t sure how I should do this and if the result would look like I wanted it to…-IMG_1203
Right from the first moment on I decided to take this military green jersey – bought at Anita Pavani like this – and this amazing and beautiful flower bordure in white – bought at a local shop – both were already in my chest at home. From experience I knew that it rather would look better with a lining inside but didn’t know which. Due to the lack of a fitting fabric in the same color I needed to improvise. So I dived into my chest and found a cotton mixture – I guess – in light green and white. It was quite thick and rough but I cut it anyhow – first. But after having started sewing the jersey part increasing doubts appeared in my mind.IMG_1177

Finally I changed it and took an old bed linen in white – one of my mother’s dowry….. Really!?!

…and this is the result 🙂

For the pattern I took the well established shorts pattern of Burda style N.6/2011 model 111A and combined it with another Burda pattern in the same magazine model 116 – normally meant to become a dress – just the upper part of it.
First I sewed the shorts without the waistband and the upper part and then I cut the missing part in between by measurement and attached both parts.IMG_0003IMAG0944IMAG0945

I love it very much – so the weather can stay as hot as in the last weeks – I am well prepared 😉

Shoes Malìparmi – alternative ones here
Bag Bogner – alternative one
Sunglasses DvF – alternative ones

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