Guido Maria Kretschmer project spring/summer 2016


Do you know what one of the best aspects in sewing is…? You can already sew a draft today that would normally be dedicated to the next season!

So this is my version of Guido’s enchanting collection piece for next summer. I love this color so much being quite a bit shy and careful while sewing it indeed.IMG_1626

The blouse is rather simply cut more like a shirt with short front and longer back. The only thing is to get the right form of the bow from front to back and to calculate the right width so that it gets this particular loose fit shape like Guido’s one. The difficulty with the shirt is more the fabric than the shape because you need to avoid to stretch the material in any unnecessary way and therefore you need to cut as exactly as possible in advance.IMG_1634

The pants are much more advanced than they seem. I generally have my problems with trousers – they never fit like I want them to. So this time I took my burgundy loose fit pants and copied the upper part exactly like it was. I just needed to adjust very few details – I will definitely save this pattern furthermore….

This is the original draft by Guido:


Here you will find my shoes, necklace and bag.

Fabric bought at Haute Couture Stoffe Möller, this is the fabric for the pants and for the blouse.

Enjoy to do it yourself as well and please show me your results XOIMG_1608

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  1. Sooooo gorgeous, magnificent dress. Well done! You are my sewing queen.

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