Making of Guido Maria Kretschmer’s project

First I studied the runway show of Guido at least 10-20 times adoring all these lovely and feminine cloths. In an interview he once said that this woulPräsentation1d be the look of a woman who had nothing to do – so genuinely nothing for me… 😉

Then I found this gorgeous shop where you can buy all these wonderful fabrics to sew at least the major part of his collection – Yeah!!! Unfortunately they sent me the wrong fabric first but thank god it was possible to change them afterwards so that I finally had these two amazing fabrics in my hands.

Don’t be too inpatient to not to wash them before you use them. If something should happen with the fabric it’s worse enough – though not so fatal as if something would happen to your just sewed cloths…IMAG0968

Days before I start to prepare the pattern my mind normally constantly is thinking of how I could get the right shape. Honestly – I cannot even stop this!!! I am really always assuaged when I can start…

In the case of the blouse I combined my Malìparmi dress with a top by Schumacher. The dress was perfect for the fitting of the shoulders and sleeves and the top for the width of the rest and how the fabric falls at the back of the blouse.IMAG0963 IMAG0964

So for the upper part I copied the dress and exactly where the sleeves end under the arms and the side seam begins I switched to the top.IMAG0965


Be sure to constantly measure and control what you are doing. I slipped into the dress and top at least 5-6 times while preparing the pattern – aside I double-checked the video again and so on.





This was the result of my pattern:

IMAG0969Double-check the pattern directly on your body again to see if you did everything correctly. Here you can still correct some mistakes without wasting the fabric.

And then give your very best and cut the fabric as exactly as you can…IMAG0971

I didn’t want to stitch needles into the fabric to avoid that it would not lay correctly anymore, so I took some decoration stones to weight it… 😉

The sewing itself is not so difficult – regardless the fact of the slippery silk. So here just a few pictures:IMAG0973






…and done:IMAG0975

Okay – first part successfully finished!

The larger challenge would be the pants. I can really say that I never sewed pants before fitting like I wanted them to… I really was excited whether this time the result would be wearable. To be on the safe side I took my burgundy loose fit crepe pants to copy the way they fit at the waist and hips. For the width of the legs I switched to my khaki shorts by Schumacher which I love so much.


So I took this gorgeous fabric and started…


Some decision you make during the cutting are just by intuition though they appear as if you thought about them intensively – so in my case with the color and fabric for the inner pockets. If I would have taken another fabric they would have been visible through the fabric – !!


My equipment even looks beautiful 😉

Here you can see my really professional result of the back pockets – I am definitely proud of how they look. And the way the side pockets are manufactured as well:-)












…both parts together… Looks very properly!

Even the making of the zip or better how it is done is directly copied by the original pants…IMAG0983

Then finally first try still with some needles – too loose!!!???

All my proper work and measuring was wasted – Uah!!!

I needed to tighten the pants almost 10 cm…


This would not be too bad if the pockets would stay at their place and the side seam as well. But – nothing else helped – otherwise the pants would have been too large.

Last step: Attach the waist band – a bit playful with an old fabric I once bought for my daughter. And done!

Quickly slip in both pieces and try all my beautiful accessoires, take a picture and send it to my friend waiting for her applause…;-)