DIY Rosewood silk dress


You can say that this dress was the beginning of me sewing on a higher level. IMG_1883I didn’t want to sew any more cloths that just look like DIY at least a little bit. If you sew times by times maybe you know the behaviour of other people when you tell them your cloths are made by you… They come over to you and look inside the collar or something and double-check if you did right or where you made the mistake. I know these situations a lot…IMG_1864

So this is why I now invest more time in preparing the pattern, cutting and sewing – and I spend more money for the fabric. I stopped being too lazy to open a seam again when it is not perfect enough. Okay – this doesn’t mean I don’t make any mistakes anymore but rather I try.IMG_1880

Please have a look on my other post with this dress here or here to get a detailed view on it. It is definitely one of my favorites 🙂

I guess I will sew a blouse with this pattern for autumn as well – what about you?

It is also prepared for you as a tutorial here.