Summer sky play suit recovery look


Do you know this after having a stupid day you get the desire to correct the next day by doing everything extremely correctly, doing your hair more than the last days and dressing up more properly?IMG_2052

Then you know how I feel this morning….IMG_2068
My family – especially my grandma – is stretching my nerves actually. I know this is due to her age but anyhow I am just a human and no machine if you know what I mean. I have no magic and am not able to be at two places at the same time. She expects more from me than I actually can give, and this is very challenging. I even almost did no workout yesterday (just a few little exercises during the day) though I urgently need this to be balanced. I ate things I normally should avoid because making me feel bad, very much disturbing little things. I know this sounds naive but I am sure you had already similar situations in your life – anyway it is over- new day, new luck today!IMG_2070

So this morning I did my workout with Zuzka – was totally wiped out afterwards. Had a long shower, laid my make up properly and did my hair. Now I feel much better again!

Now I publish my post and will have breakfast afterwards to return to my normal routine – I just need this – so am I XO

Pattern for the summer sky play suit here, sandals by Les Tropeziennes.