Wolfgang Joop inspired look - second try

Making of the Wunderkind fashion creation

The crucial part of imitating a Wunderkind creation is to find matching fabrics. The fabrics used by Wunderkind are so special and unique and therefore make it very difficult to get the same or at least a similar look.Wunderkind

Wunderkind, Ready to Wear, Spring Summer 2014, Paris
Wunderkind, Ready to Wear, Spring Summer 2014, Paris

I don’t remember exactly when I heard of WUNDERKIND the first time but I was instantly fascinated by the name already… I watched the label time by time but could never afford and so it disappeared a bit in my mind until I watched a sequence of Germany’s next topmodel last spring when the girls wore creations of Wolfgang Joop, the label’s founder. I loved these tender slightly transparent fabrics with flower designs combined with totally different fabrics to get a new look. It reminded me a bit to a label I loved for my daughter years ago called ToFFToGs – I don’t even know whether this still exists… anyhow.

So when I thought about the fabrics I remembered an example of a fabric I ordered this spring – planned for something else but never started – I still had in my cupboard where I store all my sewing stuff. I checked it and guessed it was suiting, but ordered another example – than the one I already had, just to be sure – just showed a very small part of the design (5*5cm) so that I couldn’t judge how the design and colors looked. Later when I already ordered the fabric I first found out that it still looked very different to what I expected at the beginning.

(This is why the first bustier didn’t match the colors and design of the dress like I – and obviously you too – intended.)

Thank god – the fabric of the shorts matched the colors of the fabric of the dress anyhow…

IMAG0995I started with the well established shorts I already sewed many times before – this time cut in diagonal direction of the grain to avoid that the lines of the dots wouldn’t meet exactly – not fitting so good like cut normally…lesson learned….!

Here I simply want to show you a few tricks to make some details easier and more properly:

If you prepare some parts of the pattern of thick carton so that you can iron the seam allowances regularly. Hereby you will get two totally symmetric pockets e.g.IMAG0993IMAG0992IMAG0991IMAG0990IMAG0989






Shorts – ready!


Next pieces was the dress:

The challenge was to cut the fabric correctly though the material slips in every direction. The risk was to get a completely different pieces of your pattern than intended. To avoid this for the rectangular skirt part I borrowed a tool from my husband (still with some dirt on it…) to really cut rectangular…IMAG0996

IMAG1017IMAG1016After having stared at the original Wunderkind look almost a thousand times I found out that the upper part of the dress obviously must have a lining fabric. So I took my beautiful khaki crepe chiffon I bought at Schumacher’s friends’ boutique again – normally much too bad to always just end up as lining (like with the blue waves dress as well…)

IMAG1015For the pattern I took a blouse in a small shape (worn here under my glittering oversize sweater) and copied it while shorten it and cut it with a slightly bow so that it ended up directly at my hips.

Thanks to my tons of dresses I sewed for my daughter in former days I knew that the perfect width for the skirt part normally is 1,5 max. 2 times the width of the upper part. But in my case and respecting the very tender fabric I took a bit more means the complete width of the fabric, 1,30m for the front and 1,30m for the back as well – and I think this was definitely a good decision.IMG_1753

Then last but not least the bustier which was the biggest challenge due to the fact I didn’t have a patteIMG_1405rn for it at all.

When I sewed my flowered military green play suit I first intended to copy the upper part of my black overall but decided that this was extremely difficult and a bit overdone for such a simple play suit. But now the time has come for it to sew a bustier 😉


It was quite a bit tricky to copy the pattern but after several tries I succeeded. Then it was just to put the puzzle together and I was IMAG1010IMAG1009IMAG1008



I like the first version due to its extraordinary look and being a bit freaky but okay – I agree with some of you who didn’t like the bustier and this is why I sewed this second alternative as well.

The only thing was to support the fabric enough to sew a bustier of it. So I glued a three different layers on it before I cut and sewed it and took a jeans fabric – though soft enough – for the lining.IMAG1013IMAG1012IMAG1014

But now – completely done!

And I love it and am so proud of it indeed. I wrote a message to Wunderkind and was answered that it has been forwarded to Wolfgang Joop – so curious whether he will answer me…???IMG_1774