Lightest DIY dress for hottest summer days


I almost needed a shower after having a shower and blowing my hair this morning…IMG_2220IMG_2224

This is why I choose my lovely DIY blue waves dress. It is only the third time I wear it – much too rarely..! It is made of this extremely lightweight silk with this silk chiffon dress underneath (made of the poor beautiful fabric always ending up as slip dress – now there is no more fabric left to even sew a nice piece for top layering…).IMG_2222IMG_2230

Actually I enjoy summer in my garden while having a look at what is about be in in autumn. I already saved a few ideas but will first start to sew in September again. Yesterday evening I realized that I sewed almost 25 pieces since end of April this year! Normally I planned to sew one piece a week for my website and to show you, but I was so much inspired and boosted by my website, your comments and even my own work I couldn’t stop… ¬†ūüėČIMG_2255

My shoes are by Malìparmi (nice collection of alternatives here), my bag by Bogner (here in a different color).

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