Quick shooting in orange and mud


IMG_3626Just took my daughter to the train station when she quickly shot a few pictures of me – she is a very good photograph indeed!

Though the wind is a bit to chilly for my look today I liked to wear my orange dress with scalloped edges – here in another post – combined with my mud sweater of Ichi I bought at Hyères last year.

If you want to sew such a dress as well, please give me a little time as I am planning to take my Harris tweed for a similar dress (here in my color). But first I need to revise the shape and the pattern of the dress (here you can read more about it). I changed it a little bit too often so that the fit isn’t finally very good actually. But I am really looking forward on sewing a dress in this shape of such a very classic fabric like Harris tweed. I love such a suspense between the material and the shape.
First I thought I would sew something classic of it – have a look on my pinterest board where I collected a few inspirations – but now I think classic items of tweed do exist more than enough. It is time to make something new of it…

Shoes: Joop
Bag: Lancel
Sunglasses: Ferragamo