New autumn gown: Gucci inspired bloom blouse


Please remind me if I ever plan to take this fine crashed silk a gain that I shall leave it…! The dress of the Wunderkind project is made of the same fabric and a clearly remember that it was difficult to sew. The material is slippery and does not stay in the same form than cut – I love wearing it but hate sewing it…

Yesterday I was so incredibly tired – felt almost a little sick – that I decided to not finish the blouse. So today I needed to do all the rest I didn’t want to sew yesterday – and succeeded just an hour ago.

And here you are: My burgundy interpretation of a fall outfit:
Pants: Luisa Cerano
Belt: Prada
Heels: Le Pepite
Knit coat: Schumacher
Accessoires: Swarovski

Fabric bought at Haute Couture Stoffe Möller sewed according to a pattern of Burda style 9/2010 pattern N° 103. Please have a look on my Pinterest board with all my inspirations for this blouse as well.IMG_5141IMG_5119IMG_5137IMG_5096IMG_5060IMG_5162

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