I love the seventies look


I don’t know when I started to look at the seventies from a different perspective – maybe this was a few years ago when they were quite up to date as well. Those days I arranged the window of my shop in a very seventies way (collected everything from the basements of my family, went to flea markets and searched for some pieces on ebay – I do still have the chest with all that stuff inside…) but people didn’t understand this… Some of them thought that I had closed my shop and another shop offering kind of interior designs opened in the same building instead…?Indramoda
Though I was so proud of my window – ! Hey, the seventies is fun! Everything is colorful and a bit crazy – you should not take them so severe. I find they are perfect to integrate them in our days today being cool, wearable and – if you want to – elegant as well.

I hope you not yet being tired of my Malìparmi set apologize me wearing it today again… but these gowns are perfect for this styling…

All Accessoires from Malìparmi
Blouse: DIY Gucci inspired bloom blouse
Skirt: DIY part of the Jil Sander look – read more about the making of it, too.
Sunglasses: FerragamoIMG_5366IMG_5328IMG_5366IMG_5430