Development of a dress


IMG_6283IMG_6260Puuhh! This was a real challenge to sew this dress! I can tell you – it had cost me the whole day yesterday and today about 3 hours….! – without the cutting!

Ideally the fabric was planned for a dress by Schumacher to be sewed last winter. But I wasn’t sure if I would be able to stitch such beautiful embroideries like at the original one – so it happened what mostly happens if you are not sure about something – I shifted the project to any other given day.

But every time when I looked in my portfolio of fabrics I stumbled on this beautiful red cool wool by Heilemann. And ideally the fabric was planned to be combined with the jersey of my oversize shirt – but things can change.

Then in this spring I bought a rest of this washed silk at Schumacher’s friends’ boutique in almost the same shade of red like my cool wool fabric. So the idea of the Schumacher dress returned a little bit though was not clearly defined enough.
My last inspiration resulted of my Marni collection I saved on Pinterest and the blouse I sewed last week. That’s it! I planned to take the pattern of the blouse lengthen it and sew a dress of it. The upper part of this washed silk and the skirt part of this woolen fabric.
The last idea appeared when I was at a little boutique fashion show with my sister in law just a few weeks ago where some gowns by Dorothee Schumacher – beneath others – was presented. (I still know it from my own shop: If you make an event someone of their sales stuff supports you at your shop and pimps up your store a little bit – if you want to.)
When I took this picture I instantly thought that I could use some of my leather rests of my Jil Sander project to sew small details at some other items as well – and this was the last impulse for my dress of today. – I couldn’t almost wait to sew and thought about it every day while we painted the house…

When I tried it the first time I immediately knew that this would become a favorite piece of mine – especially because of the fact that it matches my gorgeous DvF coat so perfectly..! 🙂IMG_6225IMG_6264IMG_6307

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