Did you ever bury a true dream of yours?

I am just returning from my granddad’s old garage where the broken fragments of my shop are stored – listening to this song (play the song before reading more first) pulling me instantly, strongly and directly back to that moment when I was last time standing in my empty store.
Imagine to listen to this song played extra loud and clanging through the empty room – full of broken dreams, filled with pain and sadness…
I just listened to the song in my car as well and had tears in my eyes – instantly. Yes, it still hurts so much to get broke with my shop and be forced to skip this dream of dealing with fashion… – the experience of having been rejected in such a personal way.

My website is a kind of resurrection  – though it requires so much idealism and patience not knowing how things will develop and if people are interested in what I do. But I don’t want to skip my dream- I strictly cannot. I am in love with fashion and cloths so desperately – this is a true part of me. Even the sound clothes hangers make when being moved – it sounds like music to me and I feel home…

Thank god – this memory hit me wearing my most preferred outfit….