DIY Oma Franziska blouse

IMG_6747A few days ago when my mother visited me I showed her all my recently sewed gowns and her comment was “What a pity that Oma doesn’t see this…” Though my grandma – on my mother’s side – is still alive she is so much demented that she isn’t able to realize anything. This is so very pity indeed. She would have loved the fact that I am sewing such beautiful clothes!

In order to this I call this blouse of my yesterday’s sewing session being part one of my Guido-processed-to-fall-outfit “Oma Franziska blouse”.

Styled with my boyfriend jeans by Laurèl and my heels by Biviel this is once again a look I truly identify with – simple, not too much ordinary and with a little retro twist – just love it! (Belt: St.Emile)

PS: Please have a look at the covered buttons! This took me one extra hour to do this… 😉IMG_6805IMG_6851IMG_6766IMG_6723IMG_6845IMG_6847IMG_6830

2 thoughts on “DIY Oma Franziska blouse”

  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely and I also like your hairstyle today. Wish your an awesome Weekend.

    1. Oh – you dear! Thank you and wish you a lovely weekend as well XO

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