Guido Maria Kretschmer project ready for fall


If you ask me – this look looks even better styled like this than the original one in rose total. These retro colors and designs go perfectly to the style of the pants (here you’ll find the fabric) and the shape of the blouse (here you’ll find the fabric)- getting this little seventies twist that I love so much ;-).  Just one essential part is missing – due to this ugly weather: The jacket!

I am just returning from purchasing bottoms and yarn to sew it as soon as possible. But I must say I am quite a bit angry about this weather and especially the current temperatures (right in that moment 5,4°C!!!!!) This puts so much pressure on me – I was just done with all the summer gowns, hardly had the possibilities to wear them all and “play” with them a little and now the weather changed so radically and in a rush that I am still not fast enough again to sew new gowns for fall and winter…  That’s not fair 🙁

Please have a look on my post of the “Oma Franziska” blouse here as well.
My boots are by Calvin Klein Collection, quite similar to this ones by Dorothee Schumacher, my coat by Malìparmi is an older one being a relict of my shop. The bag is one of the accessoires I bought especially for the styling of the Guido Maria Kretschmer project – all in rose…IMG_7446IMG_7450IMG_7451IMG_7360IMG_7444IMG_7404