DIY Late afternoon blouse

Late afternoon shooting in order to extraordinary sewing session


Today I spontaneously decided to sew another gown just because I got a creativity boost and have to use this for more productivity….

In order to this I took the pattern of the rosewood silk dress combined with the collar part of the yellow chakra support blouse, lengthened the sleeves and cut and sewed this blouse today. Ideally the fabric (again from Haute couture Stoffe Möller) was supposed to become the lining of the jacket for my new Guido for fall look but this would have been much to bad… When I will have sewed some more items for fall, I will prepare a tutorial for you of how to combine several different patterns to cut something new.

I literally just finished in that second when I shot the pictures – the blouse is still warm from ironing it 😉

But now I am really hungry and deserve to eat something nice and delicious 🙂

My cardigan is by Allude (already a few years old – but very, very much beloved)and my pants by Dorothee Schumacher. I combined some black high heel boots – hardly recognizable – by A pair.IMG_7536IMG_7545IMG_7526IMG_7553IMG_7549