All day elegance in shades of green


I know you are curious about how the jacket I sewed yesterday looks like…but you will have to stay patient until tomorrow… I planned to wear the complete Guido for fall look to go to Schumacher’s friends’ boutique and – fashion rule N°1: it is strictly forbidden to wear the same outfit twice one day after another… 😉

But…for the most curious among you…here is a little sneak preview:IMG_8105

I can tell you – I have sewed the complete day long! Really! I started right when my husband stepped out of the door and finished at 10 o’clock in the evening. I just sewed, ate a little bit, made some yoga exercises and that’s all. Though it was already very late I tried all my recently sewed gowns for fall and must say: They’re simply gorgeous! It is like a little collection! Next week I will start a sequence of looks created of these mostly Guido inspired gowns – you will love it for sure!

In order to this I just wanted to have an easy but elegant look for today being different to what you will expect next week: My dress sewed last winter according to a pattern by Burda (please have a look at my former post as well for more details), my parka – I just love it – by Dorothee Schumacher, my bag by Bogner and my heels by A pair again. Throw a suiting scarf on your shoulders, very red lips and you will rock!-

PS: I will be in Mannheim at Schumacher’s friends’ boutique tomorrow in the morning. If you meet me there – sprecht mich auf JEDEN Fall an – a uff breit Mannemerisch! Ich würde mich riesig freuen, zumindest eine von Euch kennenzulernen!


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  1. Oh my dear, the jacket ……….. Can’t sleep tonight. I know it will be amazing and your “Green look” is also lovely. Wish you a lovely and sucessful day in “Monnem”.

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