Fall challenge look #1


During the next days I will challenge myself in creating as much looks as possible by just combining my recently sewed fall gowns (except the dresses) plus my – very favorite – Guido look in rose. The goal is to add maximum one convenient or DIY piece except the clothes I sewed for fall since September.

AND: In order to the fact that there is just one single follower needed to complete 100!!!!!!!!! – I want you to encourage to vote for these looks of my fall challenge which one you like most – please just leave a comment. After the last combination is presented ( I guess this will be in two weeks or so) I will give a little surprise to one of you who participated at the voting.

So, here you are look #1 of my Gucci inspired bloom blouse, my original Guido pants in rose and my new Guido for fall jacket. I must say that the light of today is strictly perfect for this ladylike rose and beige look – or vice versa…

My boots are by Calvin Klein Collection (similar to these ones), my bag by TSD12 and my sunglasses by Ferragamo (similar to these ones).IMG_8510IMG_8505IMG_8503IMG_8575IMG_8551IMG_8525IMG_8569