Low budget – high fashion

Female Student Worrying About Money — Image by © Image Source/Corbis

During the last months when I was surfing through the internet and several social medias to look for some inspirations I very often read comments of women not being able to afford all those amazing and beautiful fashion gowns they’re admiring. Okay – to a certain point: this is normal! Nobody or at least the vast majority of us cannot afford everything…

Source: http://coolspotters.com/files/photos/1034967/the-great-gatsby-gallery.jpg?1366728233

But what if you strictly love all those fashion gowns not being reachable for you and your budget? In my opinion discount brands are no opportunity or brands their managements are not fair enough to equitably pay the ones who produce all the items they are making profit with. In many cases the imitated fashion gowns rather are what they are: cheap imitations. But I am good for more…

I am exactly in the same situation: I cannot get enough of these wonderful fashion gowns but am not able to afford even just a single one at all. This is why I am incredibly grateful that I learned sewing when I was still quite young and never stopped until today so that I became better and better and more experienced throughout the years. In fact with every single piece I sew I learn something new! My ambition grows and grows and my confidence as well 🙂

Let me show you what your benefits of sewing (or finally starting to learn how to sew) are:

Actually I am doing this challenge of creating as much different looks as possible of my DIYs I sewed since September (except the dresses). Most of the fabric were by Haute Couture Stoffe Möller ordered in one order a few weeks ago so that I can show you a very detailed calculation:

This was the package I ordered (plus one lining silk that is not photographed here):IMAG1471

And these are the gowns I sewed of them:

#1           My Gucci inspired bloom blouse

#2           My Guido for fall pants

#3           My “Oma Franziska” blouse

#4           My almost a lining blouse

#5           My Guido for fall jacket


Additional to the fabric I needed:

#1           buttons for the bloom blouse – bought at Schumacher’s friends’ boutique – price by weight ( I don’t remember exactly but I guess 2,00€ for all)
#2           a zipper and the closure: 6,00€ and 1,00€
#3           buttons to be covered ( 2 packages) together about 8,00€
#4           buttons (found enough in my little collection box)
#5           buttons I bought at a local shop for 4,00€ each = 24,00€ all together
– plus suiting yarn for every item: Sometimes I still have some from my last sewing sessions, sometimes I need to buy a matching one: Let’s say 4,00€ for every item = 20,00€ all together.

The sum of all these beautiful fabrics was 279,00€ minus the silk lining (position 4 – as this is for a dress I will first need to sew). In order to that I paid 243,00€.

After all these calculations including the fabrics and the additional ingredients the costs for my complete little fall collection were round about 304,00€!

When I was in Mannheim at Schumacher’s friends boutique on Friday I “examined” a blouse (I do this to double-check how it is sewed and so on…) being at 199,00€ outlet price…!

For 304,00€ it is strictly impossible to even get one or more than one comparable fashion gown at all.
Moreover,it is not just the money it’s also the possibility to change the color, the fabric or details you don’t like or you prefer instead. The more you try the more confidence you will develop and more creativity to create your very own private fashion collection…..

Sometimes I think of my granddaughter I may have in the future – can you imagine how excited she will be about all my clothes..? and my private Indra.Moda label sewed in every single item… I am already jealous on her 😉

Yes, sewing costs time – sometimes a lot of time – but it is totally worth every single moment… 🙂