Fall challenge look #2

Compared to look #1 this one is more modern and cool than the first one. I like both as it is always depending on what mood I am in on a particular day which look I chose.

For sure you can wear it with the Guido for fall jacket as well but I didn’t want to cover the blouse  today and decided for a indoor shooting.
…most of all due to my marathon in stitching of my yesterdays sewing session… The sewing part was the minor part regarding the huge amount of work for the stitching. Please have a look at instagram to see my progresses there… Guess this will take at least until this evening or even until tomorrow!

Back to my look: Here you will find my almost a lining blouse in another post as well and here my Guido for fall pants. You can also read the making of the Guido project in the original color to get more details of it.

My heels are by Laurèl – I love them – really need to look where I can find similar ones in another color to buy them too … 😉

…in case you should look for me – I went stitching again…..IMG_8698IMG_8654IMG_8671