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About 24 hours of work to do this blouse have been completed yesterday afternoon, 1 hour for cutting, 6 hours for sewing and the rest for stitching!

This was the status after 8 hours of stitching:No Jo Fui

I was totally wiped out when I was done – really! But I am incredibly proud of the result!

The fabric is the same fabric I also took for the Jil Sander dress just waiting the perfect idea to appear what to sew of the rest… Please have a look on my according pinterest board as well where I collected some pictures of Giovanna Battaglia wearing a similar blouse giving me the needed inspiration.
The advantage of this blouse is, if you aren’t able to sew you can get such a blouse anyhow by buying a convenient classic business blouse purchasing some pearls and stitching them – with a huge amount of patience – onto the collar and/or the center facing.

I am very curious on your feedback – please leave a comment…

Pants by Riani, Shoes by Dorothee Schumacher, jacket by me 🙂


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  1. Oh my dear, you are the greatest tailor in town. Love the gorgeous blouse and I love IndraModa.

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