Please look over my shoulders

1Before – this is an example of an ordinary kitchen.
But this one is quite extraordinary anyway… as things happen on some days not being normal to happen in kitchens of many other people….

The leading roles are played by some fabrics (in this case it is a gorgeous cashmere/silk blend by Haute Couture Stoffe Möller, a quilt fabric of my portfolio (ideally bought for my daughter to sew sweet little tops and dresses of it – years ago…) and some further ingredients:2

plus me, an ordinary fashionlover:


But – just look over my shoulders:

The measuring:

The cutting:

Grace to my provident cutting the rest of the fabric may be enough for a pencil skirt as well – like the one I saved on Pinterest by Oscar de la Renta for example…who knows?!IMG_9373 IMG_9381

Everything looks like as if there was nothing happening before


– and I am just a totally addicted fashion lover again wearing my formally known as curtain dress… 😉

IMG_9407 IMG_9409 IMG_9414 IMG_9421

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    1. Hast Du noch einen alten Vorhang…;-)
      [Do you still have any old curtains]

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