Introducing my new mustard cashmere pants

IMG_9494AAAHH! I love this weather, the sun and this yellow autumn light – I missed it so much during the last days…

My new mustard/yellow pants suit perfectly the light 🙂 They’re made of this gorgeous fabric of cashmere and silk – pure luxe! – by Haute Couture Stoffe Möller. I invested very much time in sewing all the details extremely properly to honor the material  – but made my well “established” mistake again of not respecting the lines of the design at the border of front and back anyhow…….(I’ll learn it someday – hopefully)

Last year my dear friend Martina wanted to get rid of her beautiful yellow coat – I couldn’t resist…especially due to the fact that my yellow chakra needed some extra support (like my daughter said those days). In combination with my bloom blouse  (please watch my according Pinterest board as well) this look is perfect for business as well – to not just wear black, blue and grey.

Finally I can say that life has returned into my body and mind assisted by the weather – of course – but by these positive colors of my look today as well 🙂

Some last details regarding my pants: I took my pattern I created myself by copying some very beloved pants of my own. Ideally the Guido pants are sewed according to this. I revised it a little bit when sewing the second pants for fall and now the pattern is strictly perfect for my shape.
I always refused to sew pants for me as they NEVER fit like I wanted them to. If you know what I am talking about try this: Take some pants of your own and copy the shape by creating your own pattern. There are some little tries and errors to develop the perfect pattern for you but then you can sew any pants you want to.
I will definitely sew further pants of my individual pattern – and can’t even wait…

Heels: Laurèl
Sunglasses: Ferragamo
Coat: Cinque
Bag: Bogner


2 thoughts on “Introducing my new mustard cashmere pants”

  1. Beautiful color combination. The coat matches perfect to your blouse and pant. Well done.

    1. You see, your coat is still shining very well 🙂 – thanks!

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