My new treasuries from Schumacher’s friends’ boutique


AHHH! I am so happy! On Friday I was at Schumacher’s friends’ boutique and this time the fabric sale took place – indeed!

I was there quite early in the morning to have the chance to get some very particular fabrics or – what I rather was looking for – these gorgeous knit pieces they are selling sometimes.

When I stepped into the factory hall I was once more flashed by all the amazing fabrics – I couldn’t almost decide what to chose…. 2 meters of every single one – would have been a dream..!!

I took my time to check almost every fabric and thought of the direction in which I wanted to go. I am always like this. I could not buy too different fabrics not matching one another. I mostly prefer to create a small collection and this requires quite a little bit of planning.

Therefore I scrabbled between all these desirable fabrics for quite a very long time – had a nice talk with a very friendly woman asking me how she could sew (or actually still let sew – hopefully this will change in the future, I was telling  her about my website…) a skirt, scrabbled in the chest with short rests being at a much lower price than the regular fabrics and so on (most of them for 7€ for one meter).

After my colorful autumn and summer garments I decided to go a little darker and create two collections: One in different shades of dark blue/silver and another in black and camel – this will become strictly genius at the end 🙂IMG_9618IMG_9619IMG_9617IMG_9616

When I finally had decided and chosen all my fabrics I suddenly remembered my intention to look for the knit pieces – right in front of my eyes another obviously very ambitious woman (she bought almost the same amount of fabrics like I did) took all the beautiful cashmere pieces and bought them herself 🙂 Tough luck!

Anyway, I took so many fabrics I didn’t even have enough money with me and needed to go and look for the next ATM…
But owing to this interruption I remembered to take some buttons as well – they are incredibly cheap compared to the price at the local shop where I normally buy them. IMG_8105On my Guido for Fall jacket for example each leather button was at 4€ – compared to the price for the fabric being a cheap rest for 20€ or so this was very expensive indeed!IMAG1693

Let’s save a fortune by spending 380€…
this is what I paid for all my beautiful treasuries 🙂

Can you imagine what all garments I will finally have sewed would cost if I would buy them in a ready to wear version in a normal shop? Exactly – a little fortune…!

I am so very lucky about all these beautiful fabrics. I guess they will be enough for constantly sewing  day and night during the next coming weeks. I even took some fabric for my dress for the night of New Year’s Eve…
I can hardly wait to sew all the garments and to wear everything and show it to you 🙂IMAG1687

Once more I am extremely glad to have the possibility to access these exclusive and particular fabrics at Schumacher’s friends’ boutique indeed.

I know that this is a very special situation not many people have access to as well. But I sewed during more than 20 years before getting this information not knowing anything about that fabric sale by Schumacher at all.
Stay flexible and take what is offered to you where you live (In our days the internet is omnipresent. This is an advantage that didn’t exist 20 years ago…) .

In my opinion the fabric itself is not so tremendously crucial whether you can sew nice garments or not – much more important is to stay creative and sew the best what is possible with your options 🙂

In order to this: I am sewing today :-)))Präsentation2

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  1. You are looking so Happy. It’s great to see you and your lovely fabrics

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