Today’s sewing session after yesterday’s confusion…


Yesterday I was really confused. Actually I have so many fabrics at home that I don’t know where to start working… I began 20 things but interrupted them all not being sure if I could proceed work until the end (I mean if I had all the ingredients for the particular garment) – really you would have laughed watching me running through the house starting this, interrupting, then starting anything else, again stopping and so on.

After a certain while I said to myself: Stop! Take a deep breath, drink a cup of coffee and calm!
Then I did my yoga session and went to the supermarket to buy some groceries and – came across a new sewing magazine of Burda style celebrating the sixties! And that was it! Instantly I knew what to sew and where to start with all my fabrics – thanks god! I was so confused before…

In the afternoon I prepared the pattern for three garments and cut them all for the rest of the day.

One of them was my skirt sewed today of the rest of my gorgeous cashmere/silk pants I made last week. Unfortunately the pictures didn’t become very good – I tried several possibilities with my camera without luck – I am sorry!

But the skirt looks very sweet and feminine and is perfectly mastered (what’s most important for my satisfaction…) – I love it, especially with my work beyond patience blouse! The pattern is directly taken of my new Burda magazine pattern N° 5 (just the skirt).

Sandals: French Connection
Jacket: Dorothee Schumacher
Bag: Lancel
Shades: DvFIMG_9873IMG_9850IMG_9921IMG_9820IMG_9924

2 thoughts on “Today’s sewing session after yesterday’s confusion…”

  1. Oh my dear, I love it, the blue and the yellow is so amazing together and when I`m looking to the skirt, I remember my sewing try at School but your skirt is perfect.

    1. You are right! Those are the kind of skirts you are about to sew at schools – not knowing how to style it fresh and cool at all… 🙂

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