Color blocking at its best

Today we are having a double premiere! First: My “last try: lilac blouse” and additionally my “green fleece” cozy jacket.

I told you about the blouse yesterday that I was about to sew it according to the pattern of my beloved yellow chakra support blouse (its tutorial). And once more: This shape is really one of my favorites! I will try to develop the same but with long sleeves for one of my Schumacher fabrics from last week. I tremendously like its fall and the way it caresses the body. It is cool and elegant at the same time; especially the lilac one seems to be a little retro as well due to the covered buttons and this “lilac as lilac can” tone – just love it. This one is even more comfortable to wear than the yellow one as it is a stretch silk by Schumacher – fantastic! It’s very hard to sew, as one strictly has to avoid to stretch the fabric in any way while sewing. Otherwise the seams will curl in a very ugly way… 🙁

Because I was just so good in sewing and working I quickly sewed my green fleece (! 🙂 ) cozy jacket this morning as well. – crazy! I know…

I ordered this fabric a few days ago from Anita Pavani – again to little fabric as I planned to ideally sew something completely different of it – also normal for me!
When I rearranged my planning for the next projects on Monday after getting reorganized after my confusion in the morning and decided to use this retro pattern of a Burda vintage magazine I am keeping since a certain while. Ideally I intended to sew my Guido for fall jacket according to this so called beetle or bug jacket Audrey Hepburn often wore in those days. But I wasn’t sure how the pattern of the jacket would suit the pattern of my Guido for fall pants so I changed my mind and used this sixties shape for the Guido for fall jacket.

On my new green fleece jacket I very much like the gap between the modern, slightly kind of techno fabric of the fleece and the ladylike retro shape of the pattern.

All together with my new mustard cashmere/silk pants the look definitely expresses color blocking for advanced fashionistas… 🙂

My Heels are by Joop, my necklace by  Schumacher (both a few years old) and my sunglasses by Blumarine. Enjoy!IMG_0258IMG_0233IMG_0123IMG_0221IMG_0279IMG_0225IMG_0173IMG_0181IMG_0269

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