Co-stars shooting

Ideally I just wanted to show you a styling alternative for my mustard cashmere/silk skirt to interpret it a little bit fresher and more fancy than the old school version: It is important to add some discrepancies and breaks like the hair styling, make up and most of all the shoes.

But these sheep were so cute! We in Germany would say they “stole the show” – I don’t know what the according saying would be in English but I am sure you understand what I mean…IMG_0704

When I finished my skirt a few days ago I tried a few looks how I could wear it in the future. One of my most favorite was this one of today 🙂
First I love my lilac blouse combined with either my mustard pants or like today the skirt. To me yellow and lilac are strictly gorgeous together! The Guido jacket with its feminine attitude suits perfectly the skirt both broken by my provocative heels by Laurèl and the sporty shoulder bag by 8. What more could I expect?

Today I will accomplish the pants for my new blouse of yesterday, afterwards the coat and then this week will already be over again – incredible how times flies actually!! IMG_0753 IMG_0746 IMG_0704 IMG_0823 IMG_0816 IMG_0815 IMG_0814 IMG_0795

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