Sewing into the dark


Puh! This week was really quite productive at least from my point of view. Everything I wear is accomplished during this week:

Starting with my new blue almost black pure blouse. I missed such a very clean chic blouse without any details, embellishments or anything else. It is just pure, simple and elegant like it is, especially due to the material of stretch silk. I turned the matte side out because knowing from experience that these shiny silks often get marks just by washing them only. Then they look like used or washed out, all the formal elegance taken away…
The pattern is one of my favorites, the one of my Guido blouse in rose. I love the simple shape – just changed the width and length a little bit and down sized the neckline so that it is closer to the neck. I first didn’t succeed in sewing the neckline properly so that I decided to stitch some tiny pearls on it (I had already bought some for something else). Though I started and stitched about 2 hours I realized that this wouldn’t look good and even worse I found out that the fabric of the neckline was not fixed in the center front so the seam and neckline were departed…-!
At the end I undid everything again, replaced the seam of the neckline once more and sewed it with a lot of caution so that it finally looked like I intended it to look right from the beginning – just two hours of stitching wasted…!

After my chain embellished sweater (I don’t wear today) I sewed the shorts. I still had this rest of wool fabric at home I once ordered for a client of my shop who wanted to have a suit like Schumacher produced in those days – but unfortunately not in her size… So I ordered this navy blue wool fabric from Anita Pavani and sewed it in her size (correctly my tailor did).
But I overestimated the need of fabric so that I could even sew my punto milano dress and these shorts as well of the rest of the fabric. The pattern is the one of my Guido pants again, just changed some details and shortened them accordingly. Here you are a glance inside… 🙂 (I love such lovely playful details…)IMAG1713

Last but not least my coat: This isn’t a fabric by Schumacher but I ordered it here especially for a coat similar to the one of today.
Ideally I wanted the material to be more soft and more like a knit coat so that I cut it very long. When it came to the point to decide how long it was supposed to be, I just lifted the inner seam and attached it with some needles to see. But I liked the look of the inner side to be shown outside so much that I departed the side seams again and accomplished this little twist to attach the seam inside out properly.IMAG1707
For the coat I mixed the pattern of my Jil Sander dress with the one for the beetle jacket (shoulders and most of all the sleeves I really like a lot).
Yesterday evening I already wore the complete look to go to a lingerie fashion show – was very inspiring…- and desperately missed to have some pockets on my coat. In order to that I accomplished the pockets this morning (here you are some details).

The loop is one of the knit pieces I bought at Schumacher just attached with one hand stitched seam…

But now it’s is weekend – indeed!

Boots: Billi bi
Bag: DvFIMG_0904 IMG_0903 IMG_0893 IMG_0885 IMG_0877 IMG_0872 IMG_0841 IMG_0830

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  1. That’s such a gorgeous look. Unbelievable clean and sophisticated.

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