A few evening snapshots


During the last times when I was sewing I thought about the fact that normally one of the next sewing projects are supposed to go wrong… because mostly after a certain while things go wrong… at least according to my experience! Bad luck! Why did I think so?!?

This blouse was a true experiment indeed. Not just that it took me the whole day to develop the pattern for it. The first mistake was right when cutting. I didn’t realize that the fabric had two sides, left and right, and in order to the asymmetric shape I needed to cut it “open”, means that the fabric was not fold in the middle while cutting. Therefore one receives a definite outside and a definite inside – so my blouse is exactly mirror-inverted! Okay so far…

While sewing I realized that all my yesterday’s thoughts were complete nonsense. The pattern needed to be revised during the whole sewing session. The collar didn’t fit, the sleeves were critical and the peplum – after two hours of ironing the pleats only – twisted a bit when I attached it at the back. —?! And at last I turned the buttonholes 90° in the wrong direction – what shall I say? Murphy – I was calling you in advance…

My wide leg pants of Tuesday however went easily 🙂 – just took my well established Guido pattern adjusted the width and length and that was it!

…now a long sequence of yoga…

Have a nice evening all together 🙂IMG_1109 IMG_1101 IMG_1100

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