Frozen playing with a scarf


So, now with more time and under better light conditions my two new gowns of this week: My wide leg pants of dark blue very heavy sweater fabric by Dorothee Schumacher and my Marni experiment blouse of yesterday of dark blue stretching cotton poplin.

Yesterday evening I told you some highlights of my sewing session already but today I want to show you where I got my inspiration from.
I was looking for a blouse not being too ordinary – my first idea was to sew a pretty normal sportive slim fit blouse – I skipped this way as normally I always try to sew extraordinary pieces that one cannot easily purchase in a shop or for a lot of money instead.
While looking for anything else (I don’t even remember what…) I stumbled on this blouse of Marni of the next spring season (please check my according Pinterest board as well, there is also a dress in the same pattern… very lovely).

If you try to copy a fashion gown by simply examining the pictures mostly there is a point when you should skip the original and just strictly sew what’s doable for you and your possibilities. Some details cannot be accomplished with a domestic sewing machine or cannot be gathered from the picture exactly enough to imitate them properly – so it was in my case with the blouse. The advantage is you will receive a very exclusive unique garment and that’s what sewing yourself is all about 🙂

My jacket is the Guido jacket registered in my DIYs’ list N° and my boots are by Calvin Klein Collection.

I wish you a very nice and cozy first advent weekend – enjoy it! 🙂IMG_1189IMG_1152IMG_1146

PS: My miracle winter blooms … so beautiful:IMG_1224