Monday morning or sewing in a rush…


On Friday I was so much in a kind of sewing flow I could hardly stop – though my Marni experiment blouse was a pretty challenge for me… I already prepared the next fabric and arranged everything I needed for sewing – though I couldn’t start because we went to our son in Bavaria for this weekend.

In order to that I could hardly wait to finally start sewing this morning … 😉

And here you are the result: My soft as velvet poncho inspired by Laurèl (true fur for 1500€!!!). Those of you who have Pinterest are invited to have a look on my according board.
I struggled a certain while because I weren’t sure if and especially how I should copy it as the pattern couldn’t be gathered from the pictures so clearly.

Therefore I decided to take my so much beloved Guido blouse pattern again, mixed it with my yellow chakra support blouse and the rest is guess work…

My look of today instantly created a very good mood 🙂 – but the wind or better the storm is really strong and I almost lost my hat indeed!IMG_1292 IMG_1289 IMG_1287

My blouse is my brand new Marni experiment blouse of last Thursday, my shorts are my navy blue shorts of the week before, my boots are by A Pair, my hat is by Malìparmi (this is my very first fashion gown of Malìparmi grace to that I fell in love with that brand….) and my gloves by Roeckl.IMG_1276 IMG_1263 IMG_1257 IMG_1245 IMG_1231

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