DIY – Almost ordinary sweater


The same procedure like every day… I first accomplished the next piece before being “able” to shot some pictures for you 😉

Today was about my almost ordinary sweater of very classic “flamed” grey jersey – love it so much being so very cozy… – from Anita Pavani.

I gathered the pattern from a quite normal and convenient knit sweater and made some very small changes only, like the edges of the sleeves and the seam. But compared to all my challenging fashion gowns I sewed lately, today’s sewing session was extremely easy to do. To add at least a little particular thing I attached this tiny little bow embellishment I removed from a hair ribbon of Schumacher I once bought though never used. Short time ago I remembered these – I have got two, another one in beige as well – and decided to change their purpose and use them as embellishment further on if necessary – so did I today 🙂

I like my look of today as my mustard cashmere/silk pants get a very casual but still stylish twist completed with my heels by Schumacher and my knit loop made of Schumacher knit fabric (very easy to do).
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