Don’t know what to write…?


Today is a day I don’t really know what to write… I was sewing so much during the last weeks I am more in this routine than to tell you some interesting things about me, my life, my sewings or what ever.

Maybe you already wondered why I sewed such a pretty ordinary sweater this week? – now you know: To combine it to my sewing result of yesterday – my silk beetle jacket. I am repeating – I know – but I strictly love this shape 🙂

The fabric and its lovely design ideally was planned to suit my new blue and black collection (here my amazing fabrics’ haul at Schumacher) but when I finished it yesterday evening I instantly thought of this look with my Guido pants (DIYs list N°6). I feel great like this!

Today I will cut another sweater in dark blue – not sure if I will accomplish it today as well. I really have the desire to go out or do at least some little different things than to sew….

Boots: Calvin Klein Collection
Accessoires: SwarovskiIMG_1416 IMG_1413 IMG_1406 IMG_1458 IMG_1450IMG_1446IMG_1445IMG_1441IMG_1436IMG_1437 🙂

One thought on “Don’t know what to write…?”

  1. you should not be speechless – you should be so proud to this jacket. Love it – so amazing!!!!

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