Three colors – blue

I still haven’t shown you the dark blue sweater I sewed last week as well. So today the weather is exactly perfect for it. On mild winter days I can wear it instead of a jacket and on cold days to get really warm and protect from cold.

I so much enjoy the afternoon sun of today –  sooo nice and peaceful 🙂

My sweater is inspired by Marni (once more.. – you should have a look on my Pinterest board as well to see some more details), underneath I am wearing my dark blue pure blouse (N°17) and on my shoulders my beetle jacket, pants by Laurèl and booties by A Pair.

This morning I was one more time convinced that sometimes it is better to gather a pattern from a ready to wear gown than to cut a pattern of a magazine: I was about to sew a black knit dress – rather very simple and without any obstacles… but here you are a picture how the dress looks like while the first fitting – I can impossibly wear it like this.IMAG1754 The pattern is a Burda pattern and ideally the dress should fit tight and pretty sexy – opposite to how it looks in reality.
So I need to revise the complete skirt part separate everything, correct the shape and sew it again. Honestly – I don’t know if I will do this right now. I planned to do a lot of revisions of my older garments being too loose now that I lost quite a lot of weight. Potentially I will first do it then – I’ll see.

I have so much work to do before Christmas; of patterns I already sewed before exactly knowing how the results will be… IMG_1559 IMG_1683 IMG_1681 IMG_1669 IMG_1666 IMG_1654IMG_1640IMG_1619IMG_1617