Winter garden romance


Today is such a mystic atmosphere in the garden completely different than to how it was yesterday. But I am an addicted fan of this magical romance…

As you might have assumed I didn’t finish my knit dress of yesterday. I was too frustrated due to that terrible shape. This means I must invest the double amount of time to correct it than it would have been to just finish it – and ideally it is just a simple knit dress, no big deal…

Before I will return to the dress I will sew these two glittering fabrics of my blue collection. And therefore I will take patterns I already know how they look like at the end and how they fit.

My easy to wear look of today is made of my Punto Milano dress, my new beetle jacket again and my dark blue wool coat. The scarf is by DvF, my gloves by Roeckl and my boots by Billi Bi. – very comfortable to wear and a lot of fabric around me. I love it! IMG_1751 IMG_1743IMG_1738IMG_1735IMG_1741