Introduction of another key piece of my dark blue winter collection


Yesterday afternoon I accomplished this amazing glittering skirt – and this time the pattern really was tight. My intension was to sew a pencil skirt though after my recent experience of the knit dress I was afraid if I would find a pattern that was tight enough to become a “pencil”. The problem with ready to use patterns you did not use before is that you can never be sure how they fit. Sometimes they are too lose, sometimes too slim. But with this one I was very lucky, it looks like as if it was just measured for me 🙂

I gathered it from the Burda vintage magazine of the Fifties (the skirt of the red costume) – honestly I had not much different choices. I simply had no true alternative indeed…
But I must say if you work with the patterns of this particular magazine please consider that the fitting is very tight and slim. I would say that they are almost one size smaller than the patterns of the ordinary Burda style magazine!

Today I will experiment  a little with some pearls and materials to sew a kind of gloves like Malìparmi is showing this winter as well. Hopefully I will succeed…

Today I wear my Marni experiment blouse, my Laurèl inspired velvet poncho combined with one of my favorite scarves of Malìparmi and my boots by A Pair.

IMG_1982 IMG_1973 IMG_1954 IMG_1860IMG_2034IMG_2033IMG_2012

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  1. Oh my dear, I´m absolut in love with this look! Skirt, blouse and Poncho are so gorgeous, awesome, lovely, beautiful………..

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