Friday surprise


Ta-ta! This is it! My new dress I sewed yesterday (10th of June).

But I can tell you – this was so much more work than I expected – my daughter says I always say so…- but anyhow.

I took the pattern of the red v-neck oversize shirt (already prepared for you here) and lengthen it to receive a dress. If you want to do so as well please consider to measure the seam width you prefer first. (I took a dress of my own and gathered the measurement there.)The side line still remains a direct line between seam and cutout for the sleeves, so you should revise this accordingly.

While sewing I found a mistake in my description – I will review this tomorrow adding the missing part 1 as well. I needed to correct a few details on the back neck and how the v shall be sewed in this case [->done!]
Taking silk and such a design – like I did – consider that this pattern and sewing will switch to a very advanced level. Even the cutting was more difficult in order to the rapport – I wanted the waves to meet exactly like they should – yellow to yellow, blue to blue and so on.IMG_0635

By the way this fantastic blue waves silk is bought at DaWanda. I discovered a shop there – amazing! – mostly selling silks in beautiful designs. You will see in the next weeks…

First I sewed pockets in it but the lining fabric I took was too heavy and not soft enough so that the shape of the whole dress changed to non wearable form. Finally I removed them again…
Also the fabric and colors of the slip dress beneath was not planned like this at the beginning… I simply did not have any other chiffon (bought at Schumacher’s friend’s boutique) at home……and much more.

But at the end I like it like it became now: Best: My gorgeous green heels can be applied again and my green glittering necklace as well (both Schumacher). So I feel wonderful – and that’s what it is about 🙂


Costs for material:
dress: 45€
slip dress: 18€

Time for sewing: about 6h incl. cutting

Similar shoes: Prada dark green, Pierre Darre’ acid green
Similar necklace: George J.Love, Blugirl Folies