Revision dress


Yesterday I revised my knit dress disaster of Monday.
To brief you , here you are the result when I frustrated skipped my work.IMAG1754

What drove me crazy was the fact that I pondered over preparing my own pattern in a way this dress of Chloe is made or taking this pattern of Burda style which I focused since quite a long while.
I was not really sure about the Chloe dress if I could interpret it in the same way without having such booties and the accessoires. I was afraid it would look a little boring. And to be honest – I wanted to have a slim dress so that one could see how many weight I lost during the last months (this had cost me so much discipline…) – really!
In order to that I decided to take the Burda pattern. – But according to my experience this pattern is strictly bad – it doesn’t fit at all! To rescue the dress I changed almost everything except the shoulders 🙂

First I cut off the skirt part again tightened it a lot and removed that peplum part completely. Then I tightened the upper part while sewing from the waist even to the elbows to tighten the sleeves as well. Then I lifted the waistline by cutting off a stripe among the downer edge of this upper part. Finally I attached the skirt and the upper part together and closed the center back (ideally there was supposed to sew a zip here – what I totally didn’t understand at a stretching knit dress???).

On Pinterest I found a very lovely example of a neckline I tried to imitate a bit – and was so lucky that I succeeded so well )especially because I almost ran out of fabric). It is always critical to accomplish this part properly – and everyone can see if you sewed properly or not…

Now I am very satisfied with the result – combined with my green fleece jacket (DIYs list N°12) and vintage bag, a few red accessoires and my Malìparmi shoes (similar ones here)it is strictly perfect.

Upshot:  Never give up – even when you are about to throw some sewing results away. Take your time and invest some more patience and maybe you will receive a perfect alternative at the end 🙂

Have a very nice weekend everyone!

Bisous, IndraIMG_2101 IMG_2096 IMG_2077 IMG_2058 IMG_2054 IMG_2043 IMG_2130 IMG_2115