An ordinary Monday again


This is the first “ordinary” Monday since – I don’t know how – many weeks. I was just sewing and sewing and sewing during the last weeks so that I also skipped my normal routine to keep the house on Monday mornings and instantly started to sew… My to do list simply was too long…

When I finished these pants last Friday I was so incredibly glad to have accomplished all those amazing clothes and especially to have mastered all those precious fabrics I bought from Schumacher. The whole weekend I constantly repeated how lucky I was and how great this feeling was to have done all that work so that my husband didn’t stop smiling due to me 🙂Schumacher fabric gowns

And here you are the last piece of my dark blue collection called baroque glittering pants (the design reminds me a bit to those baroque fabrics and curtains…). I thought about what to sew of these glittering fabrics quite a long time – and you will easily have recognized that they were the last garments I sewed. I didn’t want to sew dresses or so of them, this would have been to mainstream and kind of boring. Though it took me quite a while until I clearly decided what to make instead.

This week I will be about to sew my New Year’s Eve dress only and eventually another blouse – we’ll see.

Jacket: Beetle jacket
Blouse: Pure blouse DIYs’ list N° 17
Loop: DIY
Boots: A Pair
Shades: DvF 
and my beautiful “half” gloves I accomplished last week as well (on Instagram I posted a few step-by-step pictures)

IMG_2271 IMG_2249 IMG_2247 IMG_2230 IMG_2323 IMG_2319 IMG_2286