Sneak preview of my New Year’s Eve dress

A minute ago I accomplished my dress for New Year’s Eve. So here you are a picture of the finished gown and my gorgeous heels by Guess.IMG_2459

I spent much more time to sew the dress than I normally take because I wanted the dress to become really perfect. And it is definitely! The fabric I bought at Schumacher’s friends’ boutique is purely perfect for this dress: It does not crinkle at all and has this amazing heavy fall. I totally love it! – The negative news are: you will be about to patiently wait for another 14 days before you can see how it looks when I wear it  – OMG!! 😉

But I don’t want to leave you like this – here you can get a glance at the picture where I got my idea from. I don’t know exactly when this was in a Vogue magazine (the original one is by Fendi – I could never afford it in any way. I rather spent 36€ for the fabric,16€ for the lining and 10€ for the zip and thread, plus a few hours of work 🙂 ) this year but I instantly fell in love with it and decided to sew such dress for me for New Year’s Eve as well.Silvester Kleid

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