Cool and elegant


Exactly my favorite styling! I always love to dress a little elegantly but with a mix of coolness, sportiveness and sometimes a kind of avant-garde as well.

I couldn’t shoot outside today to have better light conditions because I did not yet let revise my new heels by a specialist. One of the best advices of my dear friend Martina was to always get a thin sole on new shoes before wearing them. They look as if they were new for so much longer indeed! Therefore I stayed inside though it was so hard to find an adjustment of my camera so that the pictures did not become too dark.

My look of today is made of my wide leg pants (here in another post) and my pure blouse (DIYs list N° 17) adding my new heels by Guglielmo Rotta and that’s all. IMG_2543 IMG_2532 IMG_2491 IMG_2488IMG_2594

One last try with the flash…


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  1. Oh my god!!! The shoes are incredible!!!!!! Thanks for your compliment. xox

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