Gone with the wind and Giovanna Battaglia


I just recognized that I never told you why I sewed this yellow wide leg slightly shortened pants and my patience project of this light blue embellished blouse…

You know I am a big fan of Giovanna Battaglia and when I look up some pictures of her to find some outfit inspirations I found this one among others (Please have a look on my according Pinterest board as well). What I liked with this look is that is not ordinary neither the sportive blouse totally embellished with huge pearls nor the pants of this little stiff fabric and the particular length. And especially the way Giovanna is expressing the look – very relaxed and unexcited. Just simply cool!6b989947914915c98cf029f01c95b2c67afc17fa7c469af133a6d146efff71db

I still had some fabric of my Jil Sander project in light blue – perfect to sew the blouse of it and for the pants I looked for a suiting fabric and found this unconventional cashmere-silk blend in that unusual color.

I strictly love to wear this look and I felt very comfortable while doing the hopefully last Christmas grocery shopping tour this morning.

Blazer: MalĂ­parmi
Shades: D&G
Shoes – too old to remember 🙂IMG_2742 IMG_2702 IMG_2690 IMG_2689 IMG_2783 IMG_2781