Back on my base again


I hope you had a few lovely holidays and started this new year well and healthy.

We (my husband and me) started by working a lot and prepared a brand new sewing cabinet for me:-) I will show it to you in the next coming days.
The challenge was that we could not just paint a room and arrange the furniture but rather needed to shift my son (the one who moved out already) into another room. In order to that we first needed to clear the former TV room, then paint it and arrange my son’s furniture before we could start with my sewing room… Five very long days of work – I am k.o. – definitely…!

After all that work with paintings, dust and dirt it feels so good to have a long shower, dress up again and lay my make up though I just recognized that I am still wearing traces of working hard and little sleeping in my face when looking at my shots – Life!

My look:
Complete Guido for fall look with pants (DIYs list N°6), blouse (DIYs list N°9) and jacket (DIYs list N°5), combined with my chain embellished sweater (DIYs list N°16) (already lost some pearls when taking it out of my closet….) and my Calvin Klein boots (quite simialr to those ones by Schumacher). The loop is made of a Schumacher knit piece.IMG_3258 IMG_3252 IMG_3235 IMG_3213 IMG_3281 IMG_3269